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Jalisa Ramah

by C. H. Eastman

Jalisa Ramah

(means Promise of God and a high place in Hebrew.  Pronounced ja-lee-sa ra-ma)


approximately 14.3 hands

JA Royal Phantasy x As Nile King

All Breed Pedigree link

Jalisa had an extensive career as an endurance and general horse.  When her owner heard about the Preservation Program and that Jalisa is the fourth and final mare of this line in the USA, she generously offered her to the program.

She has the loudest whinny in the herd, and she doesn’t hesitate to use it.  She is quick to announce if breakfast is late or she wants company.

She has a fondness for bread treats.

Jalisa has a luxurious thick long mane, and is without the white markings of the rest of the Jilfan herd.

Jalisa is a senior, and has some significant health challenges to overcome before she can handle a pregnancy.  She requires many extra supplements as part of her healing process.


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