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Pasha Miriya

by C. H. Eastman

Pasha Miriya

1998 – 2018

Gone, always remembered

(Pasha is a high ranking Turkish officer and Miriya is an Arabic woman’s name.  Miriya is pronounced mah-rye-yah)


14.2 hands

Naashi Phantara x Malabar Ibn Duke

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Miriya was the most fragile physically, and the most fiery and assertive emotionally.  Miriya did what she pleased, and responded poorly to force.  She had tremendous will to live, and fought on even in the face of difficult medical challenges.  In her last days she had joined the main herd roaming the hilly 30 acre pasture.  She died without ever producing a foal.

Miriya was very very affectionate, jokingly called the “pocket pony” and loved company and petting on her terms.  Miriya was especially bonded to foal Nasr.


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