Horsemanship Lessons & Relationship Leases

Horsemanship Lessons …
  • Safe horse handling
  • Horse etiquette.  Body language, polite handling, boundaries and personal space and more!
  • Horse care & wellness
  • Fundamentals of universal riding skills (advanced students are referred to an outside instructor)
  • Conscious Horsemanship
We took classes here last autumn and really enjoyed the Conscious Horsemanship lessons:
The kids and the horse have the right to say “yes” “no” or “maybe” to requests. Learning to tune into this brought about a lot of important conversations; Body autonomy, safe boundaries and personal space are all excellent concepts for our children to understand and be able to request/respect.

Class agenda is customized for each student’s personal goals


Co-taught by Carrie Eastman and the East West teacher horses

Ages 5 and up




Relationship Leases…

  • Build a closer relationship with one or more of the teacher horses
  • Enjoy free time with “your” horse
  • Flexible schedule – you choose your days/hours as needed
  • Excellent family activity
  • Potential for many different home schooling projects or scouting badges

You can select one or more horses or Jasmine the donkey from the teacher herd to lease and make part of your family.   Please come meet the horses before choosing.  You can change horses at any time.  The decision to work together should be mutual between horse and family.

More than one family may lease the same horse or Jasmine, but online scheduling makes sure you have personal time with your animal when you choose  (We do reserve the right to block off certain times for special events at the farm and we ask that you respect the animal’s daily routine as much as possible.  Lacey especially considers nap time mandatory).  Just message us weekly to request your days/approximate times, and we will update the public online calendar.  We understand that life happens, and if you need to change your time or day, just let us know so we can update the calendar.   The schedule is open for lease time Saturday through Thursday (we are closed on Fridays) from 12 noon until 5pm.  If you need a different time, please contact us.

You can schedule time to just come to the farm and relax with your horse, volunteer for stall cleaning or other projects, or share activities with your horse, or even ride your horse (after you have completed enough lessons to be safe riding without an instructor).  You can have the relationship benefits of horse or donkey ownership without the expense, obligations or time demands.

Additionally, by leasing a teacher horse, you are supporting our rare Arabian preservation program and allowing us to provide additional perks for the enjoyment and wellness of our entire herd.  Your lease automatically qualifies you as an Elite Horse Hero, with all the Elite perks, for the duration of your lease.

Relationship Lease:

$66/month/horse or donkey


Package specials

4 one hour lessons for $80

Lease/4 lesson combination $130

Annual lease $624


12 noon to 5 pm Saturday through Thursday (closed Fridays)

Also, please check out our Family Farmstay Weekends and our Horse Hero program.


Riding clothing suggestions:

Long pants or safe skirt and closed-toe shoes with a moderate heel are required.

Helmets are highly encouraged.  Please provide your own.



Horsemanship:  the study of all skills related to horses.  A true horseman learns much more than simply riding.  A true horseman learns the care of horses, riding, training, equipment use, and horse psychology.


Conscious horsemanship is horsemanship that follows similar rules as healthy human relationships.

  • Both partners have the right to say “yes” “no” or “maybe” to requests.
  • Both partners have the right to safe boundaries and personal space.
  • Both partners respect that there are differences in culture and language, and work together to bridge that gap.
  • Horses in conscious partnerships become willing partners and volunteers.
  • Conscious horsemanship often develops into liberty work, bridleless riding and more.


(Read more about Conscious Horsemanship here.)

The teaching team…
The team includes some of our rare Arabian horses plus our two American Quarter Horse mares, a Polish Arabian gelding, a pony, a Paint mare and our donkey Jasmine.  All came to East West for rehabilitation and stayed to become part of the teaching team.
Miss Doc Alena
American Quarter Horse
Bos Salty Shiner
American Quarter Horse
Note:  Salty cannot be ridden
To Catcha Thief
Polish Arabian
Frostalitos Ricka Sue
American Paint Horse
Note:  Jasmine cannot be ridden
Bahiya Mizan
Malabar Jilfan Sitam al Bulad Arabian
Safin n Niya
Malabar Jilfan Sitam al Bulad Arabian
Note:  Niya cannot be ridden yet, as she is in training
​Email or call 570.285.5242 to confirm your family’s schedule

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