Horsemanship Lessons …
  • Safe horse handling
  • Horse etiquette.  Body language, polite handling, boundaries and personal space and more!
  • Horse care & wellness
  • Fundamentals of universal riding skills (advanced students are referred to a visiting instructor)
  • Conscious Horsemanship


Class agenda is customized for each student’s personal goals


Co-taught by Carrie Eastman and the East West teacher horses

Ages 5 and up



$27/hour group lesson*

$37/hour private lesson

*family & homeschool group discount available


Grand opening package special

4 one hour group lessons for $80*

4 one hour private lessons for $120


10 am to 5 pm Saturday through Thursday (closed Fridays)


Riding clothing suggestions:

Long pants or safe skirt and closed-toe shoes with a moderate heel are required.

Helmets are highly encouraged.  Please provide your own.



Horsemanship:  the study of all skills related to horses.  A true horseman learns much more than simply riding.  A true horseman learns the care of horses, riding, training, equipment use, and horse psychology.


Conscious horsemanship is horsemanship that follows similar rules as healthy human relationships.

  • Both partners have the right to say “yes” “no” or “maybe” to requests.
  • Both partners have the right to safe boundaries and personal space.
  • Both partners respect that there are differences in culture and language, and work together to bridge that gap.
  • Horses in conscious partnerships become willing partners and volunteers.
  • Conscious horsemanship often develops into liberty work, bridleless riding and more.


(Read more about Conscious Horsemanship here.)

Additional teacher horses…
In addition to the rare Arabian horses, East West USA has two American Quarter Horse mares, a Polish Arabian gelding, a pony, and a Paint mare.  All came to East West for rehabilitation and stayed to become part of the teaching team.
Miss Doc Alena
American Quarter Horse
Bos Salty Shiner
American Quarter Horse
To Catcha Thief
Polish Arabian



Frostalitos Ricka Sue
American Paint Horse