Nafis Rafiq

Nafis Rafiq

(means precious and gentle companion in Arabic.  pronounced na-fees ra-feek)


Naashi Phantara x Malabar Ibn Duke

All Breed Pedigree link

Registration number 524626

75% Malabar
Jilfan Sitam al Bulad dam line
Ranked in the top 20 Arabian stallions internationally in 2002
Winner in both breed and open classes in the early 2000s
15.0 hands
born 1995
homozygous black
SCID/LF negative 
Rafi is a gentle, polite, incredibly smart stallion.  He is safe for pasture breeding and kind to his foals.  Rafi has saved his handler from trampling and caught a loose mare by her lead, holding her until the staff could reach the pair.
He is a pleasure to ride, smooth with controllable energy, and well-trained.  He has been ridden bareback and bridleless, with just a cordeo.
Even as a senior, he can outrun and outlast the much younger mares.
He understands different halters mean different jobs, and is easily handled during breeding by a petite woman.
Rafi enjoys being pastured where he can watch over the mare herd.
He has a particular soft spot for young children.
Rafi is also a senior.  He no longer has good chewing surface on his molars and requires up to 20 pounds of hay pellets and processed grain to maintain his weight and health.  We also custom grind hay for him.
Because Rafi is a breeding stallion, he is not part of the lesson program.  Guests do have an opportunity to meet him, when he is not busy with his women.
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