Jilfan Sitam al Bulad Malabar Arabian Preservation Program,  Featured

Day 13: Nasr the rare baby Arabian horse

Farm life got busy and missed a few days of posting.

Happily back to it, with new Nasr updates.

Since the last post, Nasr has had 2 noteworthy new experiences.

He has learned about fly spray, and calmly accepts his turn.

And he had his first voluntary selfie.  This involved sitting quietly, while he crept up behind and explored the situation, with much smelling and nosing and advancing and retreating.  

Finally, finally, there was a head at the shoulder.  And a calm Nasr ready for his first selfie.  May it be one of many.

Day 9
Day 14

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copyright (c) 2018, all rights reserved.  Photo credits Kristen Helfrecht Murray aka Gardenographer

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