Riding Lessons & Horse Tours

See pa.gov for details about current Covid19 guidelines.   We ask that guests arrive no more than 15 minutes early, stay no longer than 15 minutes past the end of your activity, and stay in the barnyard area, a safe distance from other guest groups.
Horsemanship & Riding Lessons
  • Safe horse handling
  • Horse etiquette.  Body language, polite handling, boundaries and personal space and more!
  • Horse care & wellness
  • Fundamentals of universal riding skills (advanced students are referred to an outside instructor)
  • Conscious Horsemanship
We took classes here last autumn and really enjoyed the Conscious Horsemanship lessons:
The kids and the horse have the right to say “yes” “no” or “maybe” to requests. Learning to tune into this brought about a lot of important conversations; Body autonomy, safe boundaries and personal space are all excellent concepts for our children to understand and be able to request/respect.

Class agenda is customized for each student’s personal goals


Co-taught by Carrie Eastman and the East West teacher horses

Ages 5 and up



Looking for a short-term commitment or not interested in riding?  Check out our Experiences.

Experience – Playtime With Rare & Rescued Horses

Meet and interact with the herd for peaceful bonding time, brushing, and lessons in herd communication and dynamics at Barakah Heritage Farm.
Our mixed herd of Jasmine the donkey, the rescue horses, the rare black Malabar Jilfan Arabians, and Malenna pony will welcome you into their space to meet them, teach you how to communicate with them, and share mutual grooming and perhaps play.
You will interact with horses as conscious beings, learning their body language and energy, their personalities, and what they seek from humans.
We begin with a release form, orientation, and safety briefing. Then we enter the herd’s area, either in the pasture or in the barn during rainy weather.
Guests are invited to pull up a chair or sit in the grass and simply soak up the peace of sharing space with these lovely beings.
Carrie will teach you about body language, intention and energy. The herd will choose how to interact with the guests. The experience ends with a final discussion and any last questions.
Guests will leave with an understanding of the unique and vibrant individual personalities of these conscious beings, and how horses can co-exist with free will alongside their human partners.  Book here.

Experience – Hiking With Horses

Take a guided hike of our breathtakingly beautiful farm with our horses.   Your experience begins in the barn (please dress for the weather, expect manure/bugs/wildlife, moderate hill climbing) with a short orientation, basic instruction and bathroom break (outhouse). Then, we will pair you up with one of the horses (their choice). We will take a leisurely hike to the top of the ridge to enjoy the incredible views. On the way, I’ll answer questions about our rare horses and conscious horsemanship program. Once at the top, we will relax for 15 minutes or so while guests take photos with the horses, and we are happy to assist. We will then hike back down by a different route. The experience ends in the barn to say goodbye to our hiking partners. Total experience time is 1 hour.  Maximum of 4 people from same social distancing group.  AirBnB Experiences are currently open.

Meet The Rare Jilfan Malabar Arabian Horses

Meet rare Malabar Jilfan Arabian horses. You cannot find this experience anywhere else. We are the only Malabar Jilfan farm, and only 200 Malabars and a few Jilfan exist globally. We have been offering this experience since 2017 on AirBnB Travel with 170 5-star experience reviews: “Definitely don’t miss the morning farm tour! Learning about the horses and their stories may have been the highlight of our stay. -CJ” “This was an amazing experience and I cannot wait to return! Carrie is very kind, patient and knowledgeable. -Christine” Your experience takes place in the barn (please dress for the weather, expect manure/bugs/wildlife) with a short orientation and bathroom break (outhouse). Carrie then tells the Malabar/Jilfan story and about rare breed preservation.  The horses are very curious about visitors, and have offered hugs, lessons in communication, and requested petting or scratching the spots they cannot reach. Guests are encouraged to take photos with the horses, and we are happy to assist. The experience ends with discussion and questions. Everyone has walked away from the experience touched by the beauty, extreme empathy and intelligence of these beings. Total experience time is 1 hour.  Maximum 6 people from the same social distancing group.  AirBnB Experiences are currently open.


Package specials

4 one hour lessons for $80

Lease/4 lesson combination $130

Annual lease $624


12 noon to 5 pm Saturday through Thursday (closed Fridays)

Also, please check out our Horse Hero program.


Riding clothing suggestions:

Long pants or safe skirt and closed-toe shoes with a moderate heel are required.

Helmets are highly encouraged.  Please provide your own.



Horsemanship:  the study of all skills related to horses.  A true horseman learns much more than simply riding.  A true horseman learns the care of horses, riding, training, equipment use, and horse psychology.


Conscious horsemanship is horsemanship that follows similar rules as healthy human relationships.

  • Both partners have the right to say “yes” “no” or “maybe” to requests.
  • Both partners have the right to safe boundaries and personal space.
  • Both partners respect that there are differences in culture and language, and work together to bridge that gap.
  • Horses in conscious partnerships become willing partners and volunteers.
  • Conscious horsemanship often develops into liberty work, bridleless riding and more.


(Read more about Conscious Horsemanship here.)

The teaching team…
The team includes some of our rare Arabian horses plus our two American Quarter Horse mares, a Polish Arabian gelding, a pony, a Paint mare and our donkey Jasmine.  All came to East West for rehabilitation and stayed to become part of the teaching team.
Miss Doc Alena
American Quarter Horse
Bos Salty Shiner
American Quarter Horse
Note:  Salty cannot be ridden
To Catcha Thief
Polish Arabian
Frostalitos Ricka Sue
American Paint Horse
Note:  Jasmine cannot be ridden
Bahiya Mizan
Malabar Jilfan Sitam al Bulad Arabian
Safin n Niya
Malabar Jilfan Sitam al Bulad Arabian
Note:  Niya cannot be ridden yet, as she is in training
Your human moderator:

Carrie Eastman was drawn to animals and healing at a very young age, when a family friend shared her knowledge of Reiki, Touch for Health, and nutrition. From the time she could toddle, Eastman thought all kids got muscled tested, supplemented, and taken to the chiropractor for injuries. She carried crystals home in her lunch box, spent hours in the woods, helped her dad garden, and had a variety of pets, from dogs and cats to fish, guinea pigs, rabbits, and snakes.   She started riding horses during elementary school, learning hunt seat and training-level dressage at Connecticut’s New Canaan Mounted Troop and Ox Ridge Hunt Club. In high school she drifted away from her Eastern medicine roots and embraced the more conventional Western medicine approaches to animal health, while staying Eastern herself. Losing her horse Buck to a horrible colic nudged her back toward the Eastern medicine path for her animals.

Carrie graduated from Penn State in 1990 with an honors B.S. in wildlife science and additional focused coursework in horse production and crop and soil sciences. In the early 1990s her horse Poco developed navicular disease, ringbone, and arthritis at the age of twelve, and he was put out to pasture for full retirement. In desperation she turned to homeopathy and nutrition, and two years later Poco was again happy and healthy.  Poco then gave her a wonderful case of whiplash during a trail ride, which led her to a chiropractor that practiced bio energy work, who in turn led her to Dr. Regan Golob.  Dr. Golob developed the Bio-Energy Analysis Technique, which combines acupressure, craniosacral therapies, chiropractic, reflex points, applied kinesiology, Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique, defense physiology, and other modalities into a powerful system that frees the body to heal itself.  Carrie apprenticed under Golob and became a student of TTEAM and TTouch, while also getting her Level I Centered Riding certification.
Her horsemanship mentors and teachers include Ward Studebaker,  Centered Riding® Instructors Saundra Cabell and Robin Brueckman, Tom and Martha Shires (Canadian Olympic Equestrian Team),  TTEAM® Instructors Copper Love and Debbie Potts, Kim Walnes and her stallion Gideon, and Tanya Bevilacqua of Mindfully Mounted and Fit. Her best teachers have been the horses themselves.

​Email or call 570.285.5242 to schedule your activity

​Email or call 570.285.5242 to confirm your family’s schedule

All of our lessons and experiences conform to current PA Covid19 guidelines.  Please follow safe distancing and current mask guidelines.  See pa.gov for details.  Groups are limited to one family or quarantine group.  For Covid19 and liability insurance reasons, we ask that guests arrive no more than 15 minutes early, stay no longer than 15 minutes past the end of your activity, and stay in the barnyard area, a safe distance from other guest groups.

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