Thank you visiting our Horse Hero Sponsorship page. Becoming a Horse Hero is quite simple and benefits both you or your  business and East West Equestrian Arts rare and endangered Malabar Arabian Horses. 
All sponsorships are valid for a one-year period and may be renewed annually. Sponsored horses may have multiple donors and no ownership rights are conferred by sponsoring a horse. All sponsored horses remain in the care and custody of East West Equestrian Arts at Barakah Heritage Farm, but we hope you will visit often! Sponsoring a horse is also a great project for a classroom or school group!
Simply click the arrow to select your program level and horse in our store. Once we have received your payment(s) and necessary information, your promotional materials will be placed on our various social media platforms and your rewards will be sent. 
Businesses, please note:  If you are a business Horse Hero, you may be able to claim the sponsorship as an advertising expense.  Please check with your accountant to confirm.
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