The Original Malabar Arabian Horses – Searchable Table

Malabars are a modern Arabian strain bred by Dr. Ruth Schmidt for rare black color, good size, strong bodies and above-average calm intelligent minds with strong empathy for humans.  Below is a sortable list of the original horses from the Doctor’s breeding program.

Our horses Safin n Niya, Bahiya Mizan, and Nasr Mubaarak are 75% Malabar Arabian.   If you are interested in meeting a Malabar in person, our part-Malabars participate in our horse Experiences, including our Conscious Horsemanship Trail Rides and Mind-Body Conscious Horseback Riding (coming soon).  There are also 3 Malabar breeders, located in Wisconsin, California and Europe.  See our Malabar page for details.

yearnameregsire x damcolorsexDOBacquired/bred infomation
pre 1968ShahrahAHR 5734Rallaf x Raiabachestnutmare12-8-1949acquired 1952 died 4-15-1975
pre 1968ZohrehAHR 10927Abu Raseyn x Shahrahchestnutmare4-20-1956bred 1956 sold 4-20-1956
pre 1968Bint ShahrahAHR 13234Hallany Mistanny x Shahrahblackmare4-9-1958bred 1958 died 11-1-1996
pre 1968Ibn ShahrahAHR 16276Hallany Mistanny x Shahrahblackstallion5-15-1960bred 1960 died 1967
pre 1968JaneAHR 24365Ibn Shahrah x Star of Aaroufbaymare5-21-1963bred 1963 reacquired co-owned Jim Betty Davidson 11-20-1973 sold to them 3-27-1980
pre 1968MonaAHR 12160Fa-Serr x Fa-Abbablackmare4-6-1957acquired 1964 sold 11-1-1967 exported to Canada reimported to US
pre 1968Midnight StarAHR 27061Ibn Shahrah x Shahrahblackmare3-7-1964bred 1964 died 4-15-1975
pre 1968MonahAHR 31110Seneyn x Monagraymare4-1-1965bred 1965 sold 2-12-1974
pre 1968GaydoraAHR 5664Gayr x Miradark baymare5-9-1949acquired 9-11-1966 died 4-15-1975
pre 1968MonighaAHR 7946Mounwer x Nighachestnutmare2-16-1952acquired 1966 sold 7-21-1967
pre 1968GretchenAHR 37849Black Sambo x Bint Shahrahchestnutmare2-28-1966bred 1966 sold 1-18-1969
pre 1968ElizabethAHR 37850Ibn Shahrah x Monablackmare3-25-1966bred 1966 sold 7-20-1979
pre 1968GazyaAHR 2588Sikin x Rabiyatbaymare2-16-1943acquired 1967 sold 12-13-1969
pre 1968Sa ZarkaAHR 4890Fad Zarka x Sarifahblackstallion3-11-1948acquired 1967 died 4-15-1975
pre 1968Rifajurita StarAHR 29180Ibn Fadjur x Rifwahbaymare6-29-1964acquired 1969 died 2-1-1976
pre 1968Tari AanAHR 26038Maard x Nefertaribaymare3-9-1963acquired 3-28-1970 died 10-3-1973
pre 1968TaaresaAHR 44149Maard x Nefertarichestnutmare4-2-1967acquired 3-28-1970 no foals died 4-15-1975
pre 1968NigmaAHR 17337Farlowa x Mozinachestnutmare7-13-1960acquired 12-29-1970 died 1-13-1977
pre 1968LalumahAHR 10696Serafix x Subaihabaymare1-14-1956acquired 8-14-1971 sold 1-10-1973
pre 1968Sunny Acres LovejoyeAHR 10841Ibn Hanad x Joyeblackmare8-5-1956acquired 1-31-1972
pre 1968FadsuraidaAHR 38703Ibn Fadjur x Suraidabaymare5-22-1966acquired 8-27-1972 sold 4-5-1983
pre 1968Serr SerbahAHR 31959Ibn Fa-Serr x Serabahblackstallion4-18-1965acquired 10-10-1974 sold 5-26-1976
pre 1968Summer WineAHR 41143El Manakha x Gaydorabaymare3-22-1967aquired bred by William and Patricia Benson owned by Dr. Schmidt at birth sold 7-1-1968
1968Bint JaneAHR 46856Kubaishan x Janebaymare1-20-1968bred co-owned with James and Betty Davidson 11-15-1968 sold to them 11-22-1973
1968Malabar BelindaAHR 46709Sa Zarka x Bint Shahrahblackmare2-3-1968bred sold 12-1-1969 to Shelton Rimer purchased back 1-31-1972 presumed died 1-31-2003
1968Malabar Red BaronAHR 48733Kubaishan x Shahrahbaygelding3-8-1968bred sold 9-3-1969
1968Kubaishan of PicoAHR 50486Kubaishan x Monighagraygelding4-29-1968bred by but never owned by Dr. Schmidt-his dam sold to William Hearst Jr. before him
1968Malabar KarenAHR 47332Sa Zarka x Gazyabaymare4-30-1968bred died 4-15-1975
1968Malabar King-Prince EbonyAHR 47333Sa Zarka x Gaydorablackstallion5-7-1968bred sold to Wayne Newton 1-30-1969 purchased back 3-6-1972 died 12-31-1990
1969Malabar StarAHR 55639Sa Zarka x Midnight Starblackmare2-14-1969bred sold to Shelton Rimer 12-1-1969 purchased back 1-31-1972 sold 5-24-1985
1969Big JohnAHR 55368Kubaishan x Monahgraygelding3-2-1969bred died 4-15-1975
1969Malabar DukeAHR 55636Sa Zarka x Mistanny Annblackstallion3-5-1969aquired bred by Ronald Coats owned by Dr. Schmidt at birth sold to Shelton Rimer 12-1-1969 purchased back 1-31-1972 co-owned with Mildred Tresierra 12-31-1977 and exported to Canada purchased back 8-20-1978 and reimported to US 12-31-1990
1969Malabar PrinceAHR 56817Sa Zarka x Bint Shahrahblackstallion3-24-1969bred sold and exported to UK 8-5-1978
1969Malabar RaswanahAHR 55637Sa Zarka x Gaydorablackmare5-3-1969bred died 4-30-2004
1970Malabar LaverneAHR 63979Sa Zarka x Monahgraymare3-25-1970bred sold 3-15-1978
1970Malabar JoanAHR 63980Sa Zarka x Rifajurita Starblackmare4-7-1970bred sold 7-20-1987
1971Malabar KhryssyAHR 79086Prince Ebony x Tari Aanblackmare4-11-1971bred sold 12-15-1974
1971Malabar LyndaAHR 79084Prince Ebony x Rifajurita Starblackmare4-13-1971bred sold 10-10-1980 exported to Canada
1971Malabar AimeeAHR 79085Prince Ebony x Monahgraymare4-25-1971bred sold 5-6-1973
1971Malabar ShahrahAHR 79088Prince Ebony x Bint Shahrahblackmare5-12-1971bred sold 4-16-1982
1971Malabar SheikAHR 79087Prince Ebony x Elizabethblackstallion5-29-1971bred sold 3-17-1977 purchased back 10-10-1978 sold 12-9-1978
1971Malabar PrincessAHR 81356Prince Ebony x Midnight Starblackmare6-21-1971bred no foals 10-16-1975
1972Malabar AanAHR 86365Malabar Prince x Tari Aanbaymare3-1-1972bred sold 4-10-1984
1972Malabar LaurensAHR 85825Panama Pakistan x M. Belindabaygelding3-5-1972 bred bred by Shelton Rimer owned by Dr. Schmidt at birth sold 2-10-1973
1972Malabar KudaAHR 81477Malabar Prince x Nigmabaystallion3-25-1972bred sold 9-17-1972
1972Bint LalumahAHR 81478Natez x Lalumahbaymare3-29-1972bred bred by John Rogers owned by Dr. Schmidt at birth sold 1-10-1973
1972MB Easter JoyAHR 102894El Tio x Bint Janebaymare4-2-1972aquired bred by and co-owned with Jim and Betty Davidson no foals
1972Malabar Sa ZarkaAHR 81476M. Prince x Rifajurita Starblackstallion4-3-1972bred sold 10-20-1973
1972Malabar AaroufAHR 85824M. Duke x S. A. Lovejoyeblackstallion5-21-1972bred bred by Shelton Rimer owned by Dr. Schmidt at birth sold 2-15-1975
1972Malabar GretchenAHRSunny Acres Ian x M. Starbaymare6-6-1972bred bred by Shelton Rimer owned by Dr. Schmidt at birth sold 11-1-1972
1973Malabar AmirAHR 92803Malabar Duke x Gretchenblackstallion1-29-1973aquired bred by Roy McDonald owned by Dr. Schmidt at birth co-owned Ulla Boysen 3-25-1975 sold 9-1-1980
1973Malabar RouletteAHR 92265Malabar Duke x Malabar Joanblackstallion3-5-1973bred sold 12-15-1974 exported to Canada
1973Malabar KingAHR 92267Prince Ebony x Malabar Belindablackstallion4-6-1973bred sold 9-1-1976
1973Malabar NefertariAHR 92263Malabar Duke x Tari Aanblackmare4-18-1973bred
1973Malabar NefertitiAHR 91264Prince Ebony x Rifajurita Starblackmare4-24-1973bred sold 3-12-1975 repurchased 8-17-1980
1973Malabar Grey DukeAHR 92797Malabar Duke x M. Lavernegraygelding5-21-1973bred co-owned with Daphne Sanders 3-25- 1975 sold to Daphne Sanders 4-14-1977
1973Malabar MahroussaAHR 92799Malabar Duke x S. A. Lovejoyeblackmare6-1-1973bred sold 1-5-1982 no foals
1973Malabar Fa SerrAHR 92801Malabar Duke x Elizabethblackgelding6-22-1973bred sold 4-22-1977 no foals
1973Malabar SamhanAHR 92800Prince Ebony x Bint Shahrahblackstallion6-24-1973bred sold 8-15-1976 exported to Canada
1973Malabar FaddanAHR 92798Prince Ebony x Malabar Starblackstallion6-24-1973bred sold 4-29-1978
1973JMB Janea TezAHR 102895Manolito x Bint Janebaymare6-26-1973aquired bred by and co-owned with Jim and Betty Davidson sold 8-24-1974 no foals
1974JMB JayshanAHR 103068Kubaishan x Janegraystallion?aquired bred by Jim and Betty Davidson co- owned by them and Dr. Schmidt from birth no foals
1974Malabar CochiseAHR 107222Prince Ebony x Fadsuraidabaygelding2-11-1974bred sold 7-11-1976 no foals
1974Ibis MaaliAHR 107223Prince Ebony x Nigmabaymare3-17-1974bred sold 2-23-1978
1974Malabar ShebaAHR 107224Prince Ebony x M. Belindablackmare4-18-1974bred sold 1-30-1978
1974Malabar TonyAHR 107221M. Prince x M. Raswanahblackstallion5-4-1974bred sold and exported to Guatamala 12-1-1976
1974Malabar ManuelitoAHR 107220Prince Ebony x Rifajurita Starblackstallion5-7-1974bred sold 5-4-1979
1974Malabar IslamaAHR 107217Malabar Prince x M. Joanblackmare5-15-1974bred sold and exported to Guatamala 12-1-1976
1974Malabar RexAHR 109174Prince Ebony x S. A. Lovejoyeblackstallion5-22-1974bred sold and exported to UK 12-3-1977
1974Malabar RuffianAHR 128867Malabar Duke x M. Shahrahblackmare6-4-1974bred sold 7-21-1978
1974Malabar PaulaAHR 107218Malabar Duke x Elizabethblackmare6-11-1974bred sold 6-23-1979 exported to Columbia
1974Malabar IslamAHR 107219Prince Ebony x Malabar Starblackstallion6-12-1974bred sold 11-1-1976
1974Malabar Black HawkAHR 109175Prince Ebony x Bint Shahrahblackstallion6-20-1974bred sold 6-16-1985
1974Malabar GeronimoAHR 107225Malabar Duke x M. Lavernegraystallion6-28-1974bred sold 6-1-1976
1975Malabar JMB BuddyAHR 120586Prince Ebony x Janeblackstallion1-31-1975bred co-owned with Jim and Betty Davidson sold 3-21-1977
1975Malabar SusanAHR 120597Prince Ebony x Fadsuraidablackmare2-14-1975bred sold 12-28-1981
1975Malabar NigmaAHR 120588Prince Ebony x Nigmabaymare3-29-1975bred sold 4-15-1978
1975Malabar ZoltanAHR 120596Prince Ebony x M. Belindablackstallion/gelding4-23-1975bred sold 10-28-1980
1975Malabar WildfireAHR 120593Malabar Prince x M. Lyndablackstallion4-28-1975bred sold 9-6-1985
1975Malabar RifwahAHR 120587Prince Ebony x Malabar Joanblackmare5-13-1975bred sold 6-23-1979 exported to Columbia
1975BadawiaAHR 120594Prince Ebony x Rifajurita Starblackmare5-20-1975bred sold and exported to UK 12-2-1978
1975Malabar MariahAHR 120595Prince Ebony x Malabar Starblackmare5-22-1975bred
1975Malabar MakataAHR 120598Prince Ebony x Elizabethblackgelding6-4-1975bred sold 10-13-1975 no foals
1975Malabar RodaAHR 120590Prince Ebony x Bint Shahrahblackmare6-24-1975bred sold 5-24-1985
1975Malabar MonahAHR 121400Prince Ebony x M. Lavernegraymare6-27-1975bred sold 5-14-1978
1975Malabar TroyAHR 120592Prince Ebony x S. A. Lovejoyeblackstallion7-17-1975bred no foals
1975Ozma of OzAHR 79702Ozem x Monablackmare5-24-1971acquired 10-31-1975 sold 12-28-1981
1976Malabar FasaabAHR 138099Prince Ebony x Ozma of Ozblackstallion1-15-1976bred bred by Cherry Valley Farm owned by Dr. Schmidt at birth sold 9-14-1977
1976MalabarSerrSerbahAHR 134294Serr Serbah x Malabar Aanblackstallion2-21-1976bred sold 5-27-1978
1976JMBAHR 135595Prince Ebony x Janebaymare2-22-1976bred bred by and co-owned with Jim and Betty Davidson sold to them 2-22-1976
1976Malabar RaswanAHR 135405Prince Ebony x M. Raswanahblackgelding3-12-1976bred sold 12-29-1979
1976Malabar AuroraAHR 134292Prince Ebony x M. Belindablackmare4-26-1976bred sold and exported to Guatamala 12-1-1976
1976Malabar Serr LyndAHR 134295Serr Serbah x Malabar Lyndablackstallion4-27-1976bred sold 4-27-1976 purchased back 1-18-1978 no foals
1976Malabar JessicaAHR 162698Prince Ebony x Nigmabaymare5-1-1976bred sold 12-16-1979
1976Aswad AsadAHR 134298Prince Ebony X Fadsuraidablackstallion5-14-1976sold 1-22-1978 purchased back 2-2-1982 sold again 2-1-1985
1976Malabar ZarifeAHR 134296Prince Ebony X Malabar Joanblackstallion5-16-1976sold 12-31-1978 exported to Columbia
1976Malabar RallafAHR 134293Prince Ebony X Malabar Starblackstallion5-21-1976sold 5-27-1978
1976Malabar LovejoyeAHR 137624Prince Ebony X Sunny Acres Lovejoyeblackmare6-5-1976sold 5-7-1987
1976Malabar RonekAHR 137625Prince Ebony X Malabar Lavernegraystallion6-30-1976sold 2-21-1978
1977Malabar Don JuanAHR 153780Prince Ebony X Janebaygelding2-15-1977bred by and co-owned with Jim and Betty Davidson acquired solely by Dr. Schmidt 2-15-1977 sold 2-1-1978 no foals
1977Malabar BethAHR 157213Prince Ebony X Elizabethblackmare3-6-1977no foals
1977Malabar TiffanyAHR 153785Prince Ebony X Malabar Nefertariblackmare3-22-1977sold 7-20-1987
1977Malabar GaydoraAHR 153784Prince Ebony X Malabar Raswanahblackmare3-31-1977sold 2-20-1984 exported to Canada
1977Malabar PamelaAHR 157210Malabar King X Malabar Lyndablackmare4-23-1977no foals
1977SodahAHR 157207Prince Ebony X Fadsuraidablackmare5-11-1977sold and exported to UK 12-2-1978
1977Malabar TalalAHR 153783Prince Ebony X Malabar Joanblackstallion5-13-1977sold 4-29-1981
1977Malabar SherifaAHR 153781Prince Ebony X Malabar Belindablackmare5-13-1977sold and exported to UK 12-3-1977
1977Malabar HamdanAHR 153782Prince Ebony X Malabar Starblackstallion5-14-1977
1978Malabar SharifAHR 168257Prince Ebony X Ozma of Ozblackstallion/gelding1-10-1978sold 5-16-1982
1978Black MistAHR 111887SW Amir Gayronek X Gretchenblackmare2-8-1974acquired 1-25-1978 sold 7-21-1978
1978MTM NimrodAHR 165903Fadorn X BlackMistbaystallion2-6-1978bred by JS Horton sold 2-6-1978
1978Malabar SabrinaAHR 167894Prince Ebony X Malabar Paulablackmare2-9-1978sold 2-9-1978 no foals
1978Malabar LoverneAHR 168263Prince Ebony X Sunny Acres Lovejoyeblackmare2-13-1978sold 3-17-1980 purchased back 12-10-1986 sold 12-20-1994
1978Malabar JebStuartAHR 168266Prince Ebony X Janeblackstallion2-28-1978co-owned with Jim and Betty Davidson then acquired by Dr. Schmidt 7-20-1979 no foals
1978Malabar AngelaAHR 182663Prince Ebony X Elizabethblackmare3-15-1978sold 5-14-1981
1978Malabar Nile KingAHR 168264Prince Ebony X Malabar Raswanahblackstallion4-14-1978sold 9-16-1979 no foals
1978Malabar HatshepsutAHR 168265Malabar Prince X Malabar Ruffianblackmare4-14-1978sold 5-14-1981
1978Malabar Amon RaAHR 168260Prince Ebony X Malabar Aanblackstallion4-15-1978sold 12-29-1980
1978Malabar EndorraAHR 167893Prince Ebony X Malabar Nefertariblackmare4-24-1978sold 4-24-1978 purchased back 11-1-1978 sold 6-6-1980
1978Malabar AkenatonAHR 169719Prince Ebony X Malabar Lyndablackstallion4-29-1978sold 12-15-1979
1978Malabar RamsesAHR 168258Prince Ebony X Malabar Belindablackstallion5-2-1978sold 8-26-1982
1978Malabar AnneAHR 168259Prince Ebony X Malabar Joanblackmare5-7-1978sold 6-23-1979
1978Malabar HorusAHRPrince Ebony X Malabar Starblackstallion5-11-1978
1978Malabar IsisAHR 168262Prince Ebony X Fadsuraidabaymare5-14-1978sold 12-9-1978
1978Malabar RuthAHR 174041Prince Ebony X Fad Sublackmare6-6-1978acquired 12-15-1978sold 2-5-1981 purchased back 10-18-1987
1979Malabar NajmullahAHR 201030Prince Ebony X Malabar Rodablackstallion2-8-1979sold 8-24-1979
1979Malabar NoblemanAHR 185792Prince Ebony X Janeblackstallion/gelding3-25-1979co-owned with Jim and Betty Davidson then acquired by Dr. Schmidt 3-26-1979 sold 12-28-1982
1979MCM SierraAHR 193092Malabar Prince X Malabar Monahgraymare4-13-1979sold 4-14-1979
1979Malabar LaylaAHR 189373Prince Ebony X Malabar Lyndablackmare4-22-1979sold 5-24-1985
1979Hada Miss MalabarAHR 230491Malabar Zoltan X Malabar Susanblackmare4-23-1979sold 4-23-1979
1979Malabar NilequeenAHR 189374Prince Ebony X Fadsuraidablackmare5-16-1979no foals
1979Malabar BudraAHR 189376Prince Ebony X Malabar Starblackmare5-18-1979sold 5-7-1987
1979Malabar AntarAHR 189377Prince Ebony X Malabar Joanblackstallion/gelding5-25-1979sold 10-9-1980
1979SelketAHR 149833Amir Ibn Sudairi X Mia Lannibaymare5-25-1977acquired 9-7-1979 sold 5-14-1982
1979Mia LanniAHR 40903Prince Hallany X Rasitabaymare2-22-1966acquired 9-24-1979 sold 12-1-1982
1980Malabar MichelleAHR 207845Malabar Zarife X Ozma of Ozblackmare2-4-1980sold 9-30-1991 no foals
1980Malabar BandaAHR 207839Prince Ebony X Malabar Nefertariblackmare2-13-1980no foals
1980Malabar HeatherAHR 210226Malabar Duke X Malabar Raswanahblackmare2-14-1980sold 8-17-1983 purchased back 7-6-1985 sold 10-8-1991 no foals
1980Malabar ShahroufAHR 207603Malabar Aarouf X Malabar Shahrahblackstallion/gelding3-6-1980sold 3-7-1980
1980JMB Ibn ManolitoAHR 221384Manolito X Janebaystallion3-22-1980bred by and co-owned with Jim and Betty Davidson sold to them 3-23-1980 no foals
1980Malabar TabithaAHR 210225Malabar Duke X Malabar Mariahblackmare3-31-1980no foals
1980Malabar AswanAHR 210147Malabar Zoltan X Malabar Susanblackstallion4-20-1980no foals
1980Malabars MusicAHR 210642Malabar Duke X Malabar Lyndablackmare4-20-1980sold 4-21-1980 exported to Canada
1980MCM YasminAHR 212607Ru Fa Durradan X Malabar Monahgraymare5-2-1980sold 2-18-1981 no foals
1980Malabar YasminAHR 207840Malabar Duke X Malabar Lovejoyeblackmare5-7-1980sold 8-1-1984
1980Malabar SultaanAHR 207350Prince Ebony X Malabar Aanbaygelding5-18-1980sold 5-19-1980
1980Malabar KismetAHR 207843Pince Ebony X Fadsuraidabaystallion6-12-1980sold 3-24-1981 no foals
1980Tia SaraAHR 95437El Tio X Ritzarabaymare4-22-1973acquired 10-5-1980 sold 7-1-1986
1980Bella MiaAHR 137383El Tio X Bella Ruthbaymare4-4-1976acquired 10-5-1980 sold 1-19-1981
1981Malabar OmegaAHR 227501Malabar Duke X Ozma of Ozblackmare2-6-1981co-owned with Anita Ogrim 2-7-1981 sold 4-6-1983
1981Malabar BrianaAHR 225469Prince Ebony X Malabar Nefertariblackmare2-13-1981co-owned with Anita Ogrim 2-14-1981 sold to Anita Ogrim 12-28-1981
1981Malabar EsmeraldaAHR 225471Malabar Duke X Malabar Raswanahblackmare2-22-1981co-owned with Anita Ogrim 2-23-1981 sold 8-15-1983
1981Malabar ShannonAHR 225472Malabar Duke X Malabar Rodablackmare2-24-1981co-owned with Anita Ogrim 2-25-1981 sold 2-25-1984
1981Malabar LancerAHR 223709Prince Ebony X Mia Lannibaystallion3-15-1981sold 12-29-1981 exported to Canada
1981Black DiamondAHR 246772Malabar Manuelito X Malabar Tiffanyblackstallion3-15-1981sold 3-15-1982
1981Malabar SundanceAHR 225474Malabar Duke X Malabar Mariahblackstallion/gelding4-7-1981co-owned with Anita Ogrim 4-8-1981 sold 1-31-1984
1981Malabar MercedesAHR 225482Malabar Duke X Malabar Susanblackmare5-3-1981co-owned with Anita Ogrim 5-4-1981 sold to Anita Ogrim 12-28-1981
1981Malabar LancelotAHR 225475Prince Ebony X Malabar Starblackstallion5-10-1981co-owned with Anita Ogrim 5-11-1981 sold to Anita Ogrim 12-28-1981
1981Malabar ZorroAHR 225478Malabar Duke X Malabar Lovejoyeblackstallion5-12-1981co-owned with Anita Ogrim 5-13-1981 sold 12-1-1981 exported to Canada
1981Malabar Black OwlAHR 225479Malabar Duke X Malabar Joanblackstallion5-18-1981co-owned with Anita Ogrim 5-19-1981 sold 11-3-1984
1981Malabar HawkAHR 225966Prince Ebony X Fadsuraidabaystallion6-11-1981 sold 12-29-1981
1981Seamaid BelleAHR 209250Refky Rouser X Belle Amy by Malabar Amirblackmare5-12-1980acquired 11-15-1981 sold 2-26-1987
1982DunabasqueAHR 216681Dunajec X JK Bask Labelle pure Polishblackstallion2-23-1977acquired 1-9-1982 sold 2-11-1982
1982DunasanaAHR 183798Dunajec X San Mar Elegancebaymare6-7-1978acquired 1-9-1982 sold 5-19-1985
1982Highland HastraAHR 254129Malabar Duke X Malabar Gaydorablackmare1-25-1982 sold 1-25-1982
1982Malabar BataanAHR 244901Malabar Duke X Malabar Nefertitiblackgelding2-8-1982sold 4-10-1983
1982Malabar TitanAHR 244900Malabar Duke X Malabar Raswanahblackstallion2-22-1982sold 9-16-1983 no foals
1982Malabar MyrrhAHR 244899Prince Ebony X Malabar Belindablackmare2-23-1982sold 7-21-1987
1982Malabar SudanAHR 246338Fakher El Mansour X Dunasanablackstallion3-5-1982bred by Edward Fitzsimmons owned by Dr. Schmidt at birth sold 3-19-1983
1982Malabar SadatAHR 245157Malabar Duke X Malabar Rodablackstallion3-14-1982sold 10-8-1991
1982Malabar MelodyAHR 245158Prince Ebony X Malabar Nefertariblackmare4-2-1982sold 10-25-1985
1982Malabar MaestroAHR 245160Malabar Duke X Malabar Mariahblackstallion4-2-1982sold 6-1-1985 no foals
1982Malabar CougarAHR 250420Prince Ebony X Mia Lannibaygelding4-15-1982sold 3-19-1983 no foals
1982Malabar MarioAHR 247229Malabar Duke X Malabar Lovejoyeblackstallion/gelding5-5-1982sold 9-20-1986 1 foal
1982BeztarAHR 288597Bezatal X Tia Sarabaygelding5-14-1982sold 5-14-1982
1982Malabar DianaAHR 247230Prince Ebony X Malabar Starblackmare5-22-1982sold 5-20-1985 no foals
1982Malabar PhoenixAHR 247231Prince Ebony X Malabar Joanblackstallion6-7-1982no foals
1982Malabar ShogunAHR 248557Prince Ebony X Fadsuraidablackstallion6-10-1982sold 4-5-1983 no foals
1982BezibnAHR 288593Bezatal X Malabar Budrabaystallion6-18-1982sold 6-18-1982
1983Malabar GoldaAHR 267158Prince Ebony X Malabar Aanblackmare2-12-1983sold 12-2-1985
1983Malabar IngridAHR 266455Sunny Acres Romeo X Malabar Nefertitiblackmare2-16-1983sold 2-22-1986no foals
1983SS StradivariusAHR 267626Prince Ebony X Selketbaystallion2-26-1983sold 2-26-1983died 4-15-1983
1983Malabar IndiraAHR 268785Sunny Acres Romeo X Malabar Rodablackmare3-16-1983died 5-31-1983
1983Malabar GhandiAHR 268786Prince Ebony X Malabar Nefertariblackstallion3-28-1983
1983Malabar RomeoAHR 271672Sunny Acres Romeo X Dunasanablackstallion4-22-1983sold 1-24-1987
1983Malabar SheenAHR 270843Sunny Acres Romeo X Malabar Lovejoyeblackmare5-17-1983sold 10-11-1990
1983Malabar ButterflyAHR 271673Sunny Acres Romeo X Malabar Mariahblackmare6-7-1983sold 11-1-1984
1983Malabar Black JackAHR 278806Prince Ebony X Fadsuraidabaygelding6-8-1983sold 6-8-1983
1983BezlaAHR 346758Bezatal X Malabar Laylachestnutmare7-3-1983sold 1-31-1984
1984Highland RaswanAHR 292122Malabar Zorro X Malabar Gaydorablackstallion1-14-1984sold 1-14-1984 exported to Canada no foals
1984Malabar SatinAHR 288182Prince Ebony X Malabar Starblackmare2-12-1984sold 6-2-1985
1984Malabar DandyAHR 291776Malabar Duke X Malabar Nefertitiblackgelding2-15-1984sold 8-14-1984 no foals
1984Malabar MagicianAHR 294051Malabar Duke X Malabar Rodablackstallion3-15-1984sold 5-6-1985
1984Malabar MinxAHR 308662Prince Ebony X Malabar Belindablackmare3-16-1984sold 5-7-1987 no foals
1984Malabar SymphonyAHR 300586Prince Ebony X Malabar Nefertariblackmare3-26-1984sold 4-7-1988
1984Malabar KatelaanAHR 304690Prince Ebony X Malabar Aanbaymare4-2-1984sold 4-10-1984 no foals
1984Brenna QueAHR 278090Que Caldeon X Princeton Santeenblackmare5-3-1983acquired 4-19-1983 sold 5-7-1987
1984Malabar CameoAHR 297729Malabar Duke X Malabar Joanblackmare4-23-1984sold 1-22-1986 no foals
1984Malabar PlayboyAHR 300582Malabar Duke X Dunasanablackgelding5-17-1984sold 3-24-1985 no foals
1984Malabar JoyeAHR 300588Malabar Black Hawk X Malabar Lovejoyeblackmare5-21-1984sold 5-5-1987 no foals
1984Perpetual MotionnAHR 3535445Bezatal X Malabar Budrabaystallion6-1-1984sold 4-14-1986
1984BezlalisAHR 315029Bezatal X Malabar Laylabaymare8-5-1984sold 8-5-1984no foals
1985Zarkas AngelAHR 339448Prince Ebony X Malabar Shannonblackmare1-9-1985bred by and co-owned with Anita Ogrim sold 9-1-1985 no foals
1985Zahrina QueAHR 231353Que Caledon X Tazzannblackmare4-25-1981acquired 1-16-1985 sold 6-1-1986
1985Highland RaswanahAHR 325582Malabar Zorro X Malabar Gaydorablackmare1-29-1985sold 1-29-1985
1985Malabar DictatorAHR 319144Malabar Duke X Malabar Nefertitiblackstallion2-15-1985
1985Malabar SeanAHR 319146Malabar Duke X Malabar Rodablackstallion/gelding3-17-1985sold 5-4-1987
1985Malabar SkylarkAHR 319145Prince Ebony X Malabar Starblackmare3-25-1985sold 5-24-1985 no foals
1985Malabar SilhoetteAHR 320116Prince Ebony X Malabar Nefertariblackmare4-9-1985sold 1-9-1988 no foals
1985Malabar MargeauxAHR 324628Prince Ebony X Malabar Belindablackmare4-17-1985sold 5-7-1987 no foals
1985WildsideAHR 370693Malabar Duke X Seamaid Belleblackstallion4-17-1985sold 4-21-1986
1985Lady HawkAHR 321506Malabar Black Hawk X Malabar Yasminblackmare4-26-1985sold 4-26-1985 no foals
1985Malabar ReaganAHR 324623Malabar Black Hawk X Malabar Lovejoyeblackstallion5-7-1985sold 4-3-1995
1985Malabar Black JaxAHR 325970Malabar Duke X Malabar Joanblackstallion5-10-1985sold 10-10-1985
1985Blk Mgcs DolanAHR 336757Malabar Duke X Dunasanablackstallion5-23-1985sold 10-28-1985
1985MS RavenAHR 349696MS Rafiq X Malabar Budrablackmare5-24-1985co-owned with Christoph and Octavia Altemueller 4-21-1986 sold to them 11-14-1986 purchased back 3-15-1987 no foals
1985Malabar StanfordAHR 324626Malabar Duke X Malabar Mariahblackstallion7-9-1985sold 3-31-1987
1986Malabar SallyAHR 345010Prince Ebony X Zahrina Queblackmare1-31-1986sold 6-1-1986 no foals
1986MA ShalenaAHR 375695Malabar Duke X Malabar Laylablackmare2-20-1986sold 2-20-1986
1986Malabar Ibn DukeAHR 345865Malabar Duke X Malabar Nefertitiblackstallion2-22-1986sold 7-20-1987
1986MA AspenAHR 372446Malabar Duke X Malabar Rodablackstallion3-14-1986sold 3-14-1986
1986MA Karuna StarAHR 375696Prince Ebony X Malabar Starblackmare4-17-1986sold 4-17-1986
1986MS BaronessAHR 378184MS Rafiq X Seamaid Belleblackmare5-5-1986sold 3-1-1987
1986Malabar JadeAHR 349976Prince Ebony X Malabar Joanblackmare5-8-1986. sold 5-7-1987 no foals
1986Blk Mgcs RavinAHR 366518Malabar Amon Ra X Dunasanabaygelding5-16-1986sold 5-16-1986
1986Malabar HawkeyeAHR 355109Malabar Duke X Malabar Tiffanyblackgelding6-22-1986
1986Malabar RevelationAHR 355130Malabar Duke X Malabar Mariahblackstallion6-30-1986sold 4-6-1988 no foals
1986Malabar FantaziaAHR 244954Malabar Duke X Malabar Loverneblackmare2-25-1982acquired 12-10-1986 sold 10-8-1991 no foals
1986Malabar FlairAHR 297751Malabar Duke X Malabar Loverneblackmare4-4-1984acquired 12-10-1986 sold 12-2-1987 no foals
1986Malabar FlashAHR 357461Malabar Duke X Malabar Loverneblackmare7-1-1986acquired 12-10-1986 sold 7-2-1987
1987Blk Mgcs SabrinaAHR 379847Prince Ebony X Zahrina Queblackmare1-26-1987sold 6-6-1987
1987Malabar KellyAHR 373272Prince Ebony X Malabar Nefertariblackstallion1-29-1987sold 5-22-1990
1987Malabar JuliusAHR 373984Prince Ebony X Brenna Queblackstallion2-6-1987sold 5-7-1987 no foals
1987Malabar SensationAHR 373278MS Rafiq X Malabar Budrablackgelding2-16-1987sold 5-7-1987 no foals
1987SRA Royal SilkAHR 384770Malabar Duke X Malabar Nefertitiblackmare4-5-1987sold 4-5-1987
1987Malabar KateAHR 384670Malabar Duke X Malabar Loverneblackmare6-26-1987
1987Malabar DenmarkAHR 384662Malabar Duke X Malabar Mariahblackstallion7-19-1987sold 6-13-1993
1988Blk Mgc CelebrityAHR 409566Malabar Amon Ra X Zahrina Queblackstallion/gelding2-28-1988sold 2-28-1988
1988Blk Wings EmpressAHR 401539Malabar Amon Ra X Dunasanablackmare3-2-1988sold 3-2-1988 no foals
1988Malabar Black EagleAHR 401703Prince Ebony X Malabar Nefertariblackstallion3-14-1988died 10-13-1988
1988Malabar TheaAHR 406452Grey Foxx X Malabar Ruthbaymare3-23-1988bred by Charles and Vilate Faulkner owned by Dr. Schmidt from birth no foals
1989Malabar ChasAHR 461794Malabar Ghandi X Malabar Sheenblackmare5-16-1989sold 7-18-1990 died of colic 1997 no foals
1989Malabar KaylaAHR 451158Malabar Duke X Malabar Ruthblackmare5-20-1989sold 5-22-1990
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