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For those just seeing this, on September 27 our barn burned to the ground. It was lunchtime and nap time, so all the animals were inside resting and eating. We are so thankful to God that Bahi, Niya, Jasmine donkey, Salty, Sugar and little Malenna escaped and are unharmed. Runa and Yurtle turtle are safe. Tragically, all of our goats and Nasr our beautiful stallion and Lucky my best friend and Lacey who had just learned to finally trust me all died.
We have no answers yet on why or how.  We have no further word from the fire marshall.
We will update when we know more, and can see our way forward again.
Meanwhile, for the many people who have asked to help and wanted to know where to send donations and offered to create a GoFundMe on our behalf, we have set up a GoFundMe.
God bless you, and hug your loved ones and fur babies.  Life can change in the blink of an eye.
-Carrie, Khalil, Kasey, Mickey and all the remaining fur babies

Our GoFundMe

We are an equine education center based at Barakah Heritage Farm in scenic northeastern Pennsylvania, USA.

Our mission is for all our equine activities to be pleasing to God, reflecting our faith-directed way of life. Our core goals that serve that overall mission with our family, visitors, and neighbors are:

  • to make our horses available to families who otherwise would not have access to horses.
  • to offer sturdy, calm, intelligent, beautiful, healthy, empathetic multi-use family horses with a focus on ease of management.
  • to make horses accessible, affordable and practical, by using and teaching horse-powered labor and horse riding, common-sense horse husbandry, and by partnering with horses for the inner discipline, emotional balance and physical fitness that horsemanship teaches.
  • to do our part to preserve rare old genetics, unmixed with present-day popular genetics, for potential future use to restore healthy vigor to bloodlines that have lost their genetic diversity.
  • to make quality stallion stud service available at no charge to preservation breeders.

Explore our website to browse our online and on-site classes, our new book, our creative approach to reducing feed costs, our rare Arabian preservation program, our unique lesson and relationship lease options and of course our store, featuring gifts showcasing the exclusive images of award-winning photographer Gardenographer and custom hand-crafted horse equipment.  Come visit us to learn firsthand and meet our herd.

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