Nafis Rafiq memorial page

Nafis Rafiq   1995-2019

(means precious and gentle companion in Arabic.  pronounced na-fees ra-feek)


Naashi Phantara x Malabar Ibn Duke

All Breed Pedigree link

Registration number 524626

75% Malabar
Jilfan Sitam al Bulad dam line (Saada tail)
15.0 hands
homozygous black
SCID/LF negative 
Rafi was a gentle, polite, incredibly smart stallion.  He was safe for pasture breeding and kind to his foals.  Rafi saved his handler from trampling and caught a loose mare by her lead, holding her until the staff could reach the pair.
He was a pleasure to ride, smooth with controllable energy, and well-trained.  He was ridden bareback and bridleless, with just a cordeo.
Even as a senior, he could outrun and outlast the much younger mares.
He understood different halters meant different jobs, and was easily handled during breeding by a petite woman.
Rafi enjoyed being pastured where he could watch over the mare herd and his son, and socialized with them over the fence daily.
He had a particular soft spot for young children.
A bonding moment with Carrie during trail challenge training.
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