Bahiya Mizan

Bahiya Mizan

(Means beautiful scale.  Pronounced bah-hee-yah)


15 hands

Fahmi Takrima x Nafis Rafiq

All Breed Pedigree link

Bahi is trained for riding.  She is also the most cautious of humans, skeptical until a person earns her trust.  Once her trust is given, she is quietly affectionate and willing.  Bahi is incredibly smart.  She is an attentive mother, protective enough yet willing for humans to handle her son.  She is thoughtfully confident, studying new situations without fear, and of the two sisters, Bahi is the leader of the pair.

Bahi is well-known on the farm for requesting hiney scratches from the guests.  Bahi will quietly back up behind a guest and plant her hindquarters against a convenient pair of shoulders in insistence.  We probably have at least as many pictures of guests with Bahi’s hind end as we do head shots.

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