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Carrie Eastman
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Is your feed room or pantry collecting animal supplements that didn’t work?  That you aren’t sure how to use?

Do you feel overwhelmed by supplement choices?

Are you embarrassed about your pet’s dull coat?  Weight issues?

Did you miss another ride because your horse is lame or acting up?

Do you feel alone and unsupported while dealing with your animal’s issues?


Missing information and absent support may be wasting your time and money and adding stress to your life.


Our customers are stress-free and saving time and money!

Get a healthy vital animal you are proud to own.

Save time – we help you sort through your choices AND guide you on product use

Save money – no more wasted products

Get peace of mind – our products are proven AND backed by a full guarantee


Enjoy the reassurance of guidance every step of the way to glowing vital health

We have been where you are now.  Carrie battled hot spots and skin allergies in her labrador.  Carrie Eastman’s horse Poco was scheduled for full retirement at only 12 years old due to navicular syndrome, ringbone and sidebone.   Thankfully, she found a better way and watched her animals return to vital glowing health.

She was blessed to have knowledgeable mentors guiding and supporting and teaching, like Dr Donna Starita, Dr Patricia Whittaker, Dr Edgar Schaffer and fabulous Dynamite distributors with years of experience.

Now Carrie can pay it forward by sharing this knowledge and supporting your animal and you on your path to glowing vitality.

Carrie Eastman:

Supporting customers since 1998.  Learning and studying more than 40 years.  Offering Dynamite supplements – created in 1982 and backed by satisfaction guarantee

Step 1 – Tell us about your animal and issues during a free consult

See if our products are a good match

Step 2 – We create a custom product plan for you

Identify the missing pieces of your wellness puzzle and get peace of mind with a customized wellness plan

Step 3 – Start creating vital wellness!

Move forward toward your wellness goals with confidence!

We know you want the very best for your animals.  You want them happy and glowing with vitality and health.  A quality supplement program is part of building wellness.  The product choices can be daunting and the customer service abrupt and unfeeling, leaving you with wasted time, wasted money and products you aren’t sure how to use.  That adds up to more stress.  We have been there ourselves in our own wellness journey with our animals.  You can stop worrying right now!  Just call or email Carrie to schedule a free consultation to see how our Dynamite products and support can build and maintain animals you can feel great about!

100% Moneyback Guarantee

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