Horse Activities

All of our horse activities follow the philosophy of conscious horsemanship.

Horsemanship:  the study of all skills related to horses.  A true horseman learns much more than simply riding.  A true horseman learns the care of horses, riding, training, equipment use, and horse psychology.

Conscious horsemanship is horsemanship that follows similar rules as healthy human relationships.

  • Both partners have the right to say “yes” “no” or “maybe” to requests.
  • Both partners have the right to safe boundaries and personal space.
  • Both partners respect that there are differences in culture and language, and work together to bridge that gap.
  • Horses in conscious partnerships become willing partners and volunteers.
  • Conscious horsemanship often develops into liberty work, bridleless riding and more.

(Read more about Conscious Horsemanship here.)

To accommodate the needs of some of our horses, we offer both mounted horseback riding and unmounted tours and experiences, as well as wellness classes and lessons by special request.  Horseback riding currently unavailable, as the mares are heavily pregnant.

Learn to speak “horse”, meet beautiful purebred rare horses

Experience our friendly curious black beauties at our working sustainable farm. You and your family may get sniffed and nuzzled, or asked to scratch their itches. Our black Arabians especially love children.  This is not horseback riding, and is suitable for all ages and skill levels.

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Unique Horsemanship + Riding Lessons

Currently unavailable. Learn to build a partnership with the horses by learning about their body language and their preferred way to interact with humans.  Supervisesd riding, with optional interesting obstacle challenges.

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Volunteer program

Please contact us for availability.  717-759-4242 voice/text or

Work in exchange for horse time.  Experience required.

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