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About Sugar, our Quarter Horse

It was back in the 17th century that the American Quarter Horse originated in Virginia, USA, during the colonial rule. The horses developed by crossing the English Thoroughbred horses with the local equines belonging to the local tribes (like the Chickasaw Horse). The breeds that the colonists used carried the blood of Barb, Arabian, and Andalusian animals. The resultant Quarter Horse breed was a stocky but small horse having well-muscled hindquarters, which gave them explosive sprinting speed.  In fact, they got their name from the races down the quarter mile main streets of early America.

Apart from their excellent speed, their innate versatility also served as an important reason for their huge success as a new breed. They displayed and proved their ability to work throughout the week and entertain in different events, like racing, on the weekends.

As they entered into the 19th century, they were continued to be experimented with new bloodlines for even better efficiency.

During the 19th century, pioneers chose the Quarter Horse to carry them westward and work as they settled the west. The Quarter Horse was then bred with horses that already inhabited that area, and the resulting offspring seemed to have an innate sense for working with cattle. This made the new Quarter Horse very popular among western cattlemen.

As time continued, the American Quarter Horse became well recognized as a breed of its own. These horses were in demand for many different tasks and were used by people across the country. Today, the American Quarter Horse is still a breed that can handle anything thrown its way, thanks to its long, rich history and unique origins.

We value our Quarter Horse Sugar for her practical qualities. She is sturdy, nimble, calm and laid back.  Sugar assists with our various horse programs here at the farm.

While the Quarter Horse is a very old heritage breed, they are not rare and are easily found anywhere in the country.  For that reason we have hesitated to put Sugar into a breeding program here at the farm.

Sugar comes from well-respected performance bloodlines and is bred to compete in reining and cutting sports.

We shall see what the future holds for her…

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