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Saddles? Bridles? Cordeos? Let East West dress your horse!

How did East West end up in the tack business…

East West Equestrian Arts is focused on conscious horsemanship, wellness, and preservation of the critically-endangered Jilfan Sitam al Bulad Early American Foundation Malabar Arabians.  Ancient horse breeds and rare breed preservation are a special interest.  In our explorations of other horse breeds globally we stumbled upon the desi horses and tent pegging sport of Pakistan.

The desi horses were wearing the most beautiful saddles and bridles and decorations, unique in the world.  This amazing tack turned out to be tillah, a traditional craft found in Pakistan and India dating back hundreds of years.  True hand-embroidered tillah is an art form, handed down within families. The designs take many hours to complete.  As East West is always seeking new ways to support the Jilfan Sitam al Bulad Preservation Program, an idea was born.  East West could offer this unique tack globally at a competitive price, customized for buyers the same way our own tack is customized for our Arabians and Quarter Horses here at East West. We searched and found 2 tack makers willing to work with East West to offer traditional tillah.  Those makers also introduced us to the other unique saddle designs and horse jewelry now offered at East West.  Our next step was ordering custom-designed cordeos to test the quality of the work, customer service and shipping process.  Both makers provided excellent products with quality leather.  East West was now in the tack business!  We offer small numbers of hand-crafted customized saddles and other tack globally.  Our small size and good relationship with our craftsmen allows us to carefully serve each customer, making sure you receive the equipment that best suits you and your horse.


We offer a selection of very unique saddles not commonly found in the United States or Europe.  We specialize in hand-embroidered tillah saddles, and offer other unique designs as well.
Tillah is embroidery in geometric or floral designs, done on fabric or leather.  For tack, the designs are embroidered onto patent leather, which is then applied over a second base layer of leather for strength. Tilllah can be ordered in any of the colors shown on these saddles (red, blue, green, turquoise, white, black, gold), with many different leather base colors.  These saddles have a wooden tree, available in standard tree widths and seat sizes.  Custom synthetic trees are also available for an additional charge.  Tillah can be applied to dressage, close contact, all purpose, jumping and other styles.  Please see the website for more designs.


 In addition to tillah saddles, East West offers a few other saddle models with optional inlay, lacing and chrome ornaments.  These saddles are available in dressage, close contact, all purpose, jumping and other styles, with a wooden tree in the standard widths and seat sizes.  Custom synthetic trees are also available for an additional charge.

Padded laced saddle

 Examples of inlay, contrast piping, contrast stitching.  Tillah also available.

Roughout leather with decoration

The roughout saddle is available with metal studs, plus all the other decoration options except tillah.





Tooled saddle

The tooled saddle is available in dressage, close contact, all purpose, jumping and other styles, with a wooden tree in the standard widths and seat sizes.  Custom synthetic trees are also available for an additional charge.



We offer a selection of very unique bridles.  We specialize in hand-embroidered tillah bridles, and offer other styles as well.  Most of our bridles can be customized with shorter cheek pieces to accommodate bitless hackamores that sit higher on the face than bits.  The cheek and crown tassels are optional.  See the website for additional styles and patterns.

Bridleless Riding – Cordeos

East West offers a selection of cordeos and can create custom designs to suit your unique needs.

Saddle pads and cloths

East West offers tillah saddle pads to match your favorite saddle, or to match your East West tillah saddle.  
We strongly encourage you to consider investing in a SaddleRight orthopedic saddle pad as well.  The SaddleRight pad has a lifetime guarantee* and will make any saddle perform better on your horse. For saddles with trees, we consider an orthopedic saddle pad to be critical for the health of your horse’s back.


Rhythm beads

Rhythm beads have become very popular both as decoration and as a riding aid.  We offer unique horse jewelry crafted overseas and not currently available from any tack store or catalog.

Frequently asked questions

Do you serve my country?
Yes, we ship globally.  Our products ship directly from the craftsmen.  We prefer Fed Ex

Why aren’t your prices listed?

All of our tack is custom-crafted to serve each client.  Our prices are very competitive with most high-end hand-crafted tack.  We invoice individually to make sure we have met and exceeded your requirements.  Please ask us for a quote.

Is my order guaranteed/protected?
You are covered by PayPal’s purchase protection.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Timing depends on the items that you order.  If your item is in stock and does not require any customization, allow 4 weeks.  For full tillah saddles, allow 8-12 weeks, as these are hand-embroidered and take many hours to complete.

Is this an American company?

East West is a woman-owned small business, based in the USA in Pennsylvania.  Our products are made overseas, by hand, from high-end materials we would be proud to use on our own horses.  In fact, we do.

Ask us how we can dress your horse!  
We believe you will very pleased with our quality and prices.

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